Mobile Commerce / Whether the engagement metric is making a purchase, sharing content or watching a video, users are more likely to engage with sites on mobile compared to desktop. Organizations must continue to develop the right strategies and talent to deliver the robust content and network performance consumers demand on mobile. Continue reading →


Lean Startup for the MLI Digital Experience

We examine how the concepts of Lean Startup can be incorporated into an interactive build of the collaborative learning management system needed to support the hybrid MLI delivery for 2014 and beyond. Continue reading →

Conceptual Map for a Multichannel Learning Experience

The Museum Leadership Institute is a globally recognized leadership program presented by The Getty Leadership Institute. We will begin by exploring the conceptual and multilayered approach to digital delivery from onboard to post-program engagement. Continue reading →

OAuth Testing for MEP

The challenge for the MEP (formerly MLI) project was to determine how we can leverage OAuth to secure the course materials, which must be accessed only by registered students attending the current session. In this report, we summarize our findings testing the OAuth capabilities of Google and Canvas LMS for MEP. Continue reading →